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Loose Gravel

Angular gravel typically 14 or 20mm in size tends to be the most suitable for driveways, this is because the pieces lock together when driven on and so are less likely to rut. To avoid eventual crushing under the weight of vehicles, try to choose a product consisting of a harder wearing granite, basalt or flint.

For footpaths, angular products are better as the pieces lock together when walked on. We find that 10mm gravels or larger are the most popular as these don't get stuck in shoe treds or wash away as easily in heavy rain.

Quality Resin Bound

Our Resin Bound system uses good quality UV stable clear resin with correctly blended aggregates to give a range of excellent attractive resin bound finishes that are both durable and structurally strong.

The Resin Bonded Aggregate system uses a tough polyurethane resin which can be applied to most surfaces.

In appearance it is like a loose aggregate but without the problems of shifting stone.

The resin is laid and the loose aggregate is scattered on top.

 The aggregate bonds to the resin.

Resin bond can be applied to an existing driveway, which has been cleaned and prepared.

It's very durable.

Requires little maintenance - just a gentle power wash from time to time to get rid of any dirt or debris that may collect.

There are a variety of colours to choose from.

Aesthetically pleasing.

As well as paths and drives this system can provide a high friction finish for disabled ramps. 

Resin Bound is where the aggregate is mixed with the resin and then applied.

It is hand troweled for a smoother finish.

Resin Bound can be applied to most surfaces.

The existing driveway, path or patio is swept of any debris and cleaned in preparation for the resin and aggregate mixture.

It is a popular surface for driveways, paths or patios and is used on many surfaces, car parks, children's playgrounds, etc.

Since it is applied to an existing surface it is less time consuming and the driveway doesn't need to be dug out.

Requires little maintenance

Water permeable, so is eco-friendly

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye

Resin Bound is a popular product for both commercial and domestic properties

There are a variety of colours available.




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