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Block Paving also makes an ideal material which can be used to construct paths for your front driveway or garden.  Block paving paths can also match your driveway.  Again the edgings can be installed using the same or contrasting block pave to your driveway.

Garden paths are often an essential visual feature for any home that makes your outdoor space more valuable, attractive and safe place to be, while at the same time allows for better access routes in your garden especially if you have mobility problems.

A. Martin can offer advice and help you choose which materials would be the best option for you.

Block paving, can also be replaced if any blocks get damaged without lifting the whole path, patio or driveway.





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Laying a concrete pavement - smooth and level

Our block paving driveway collection includes sensational products varying from rustic Art Deco blocks with their distinct charm, to timeworn Duo colour blends.

Modern profile shapes are also readily available to provide a distinct structured shape for a smart contemporary appearance.

Our concrete paving range consists of a variety of various colours, sizes and finishes so you can be sure to discover a look to fit your house type, whether that’s a contemporary or standard home. There are also extra features and shapes available in matching colours and styles for walling, edging and circles.

A. Martin Landscapes can construct a hard-wearing, solid driveway for your home or property out of block paving.

Block paving is an efficient and cost-effective material that allows for a complementary aesthetic design to be placed on your front driveway.

There are, however, a range of common issues/problems which eventually become evident when your driveway or patio has not been constructed well and to the correct paving installation specifications. These can include;

  • Sinking in parts or the driveway or patio
  • The occurrence of loose edgings
  • Clearly visible uneven levels
  • Puddles forming
  • Your manhole cover may have sunk

Loose or moving paving may need to be re-bedded, however it is more important to rectify the cause of the movement.
Settlement or subsidence of the substrate layers, for instance sub-grade, sub-base and bedding layer, is the most common reason for block paving failure. This can be as a result of:

  • Wrong type of base material used, or insufficient base material.
  • Incomplete compaction of the substrate layers during the initial construction.
  • Liquefaction of the bedding layer caused by water ingress.
  • Failure of restraining edges.
  • Loss of jointing material.
  • Loads greater than the driveway or patio was designed to carry.

Whatever the cause, the damage needs to be investigated and rectified before replacing or re-bedding the paving blocks.
No matter how bad your driveway or patio may look, A. Martin can repair it.

A. Martin provides natural stone such as Indian Sandstone, which is available in a variety of colours, shapes, finishes and sizes.

We can build your driveway, path or patio using natural stone paving.

There are no long waiting times for having your path, patio or driveway constructed using natural stone paving.

We can incorporate patterns into your driveway or create your patio using circles or setts.  Sandstone balls and spheres are also available for that special look.

Natural Indian Sandstone Patio


There are many benefits to laying your driveway or garden with block paving or paving slabs.

When installed properly, the solid surface provides an attractive and hardwearing surface.

There are a wide range of great quality products offering various design and colours, which are suitable for all budgets.

In addition to choice a solid surface is very low maintenance.



We provide a full preparation and laying service for a wide range of block paving materials for drives, paths and patios.

We can also incorporate block circles and raised planters in matching bullnose edgings.

Natural Indian Sandstone Patio

We gave the garden a complete make over


The decking needed replacing

We removed all the block paving and the decking, then prepared the area for installing an Indian sand stone patio and walkway

Indian sand stone paved patio laid


Indian sand stone patio with block pave edgings



Also installed drainage channels

The other end of the garden

We removed all the old block paving, patio area and path

Prepared the area and started laying the Indian sand stone paving

Finished - pathway leading from the main patio area to the garden shed and a smaller patio area

using Indian sand stone and block paving edgings